Gregory Morton

Senior IT Executive

Senior IT Executive


Lead significant global infrastructure and software projects using technology strategies and methodologies to fulfill client deliverables and satisfaction through leadership, strategic planning and execution, program and project management, infrastructure architecture and in-depth technical skills.

Leadership: Especially skilled at directing and managing diverse project stakeholders to embrace and contribute to the success of corporate goals, through engagement, collaboration, and transparency.

Strategic Planning and Execution: Adept at designing strategy and implementing plans to execute both change and turnaround projects for commercial and government companies and clients.

Program/Project Management (PMP): Plan and lead major programs and projects in the areas of infrastructure and data center operations, cloud computing/managed services, server consolidation / virtualization, data center / application migration, network management and systems integration, risk management, and quality assurance.

Infrastructure Architect: Innumerable accomplishments developing and aligning architectural strategy with business objectives, standardizing and modernizing technology standards, and establishing technical principles that guide the evolution of business.

Technical Skills: Subject matter expert with technical operations including data centers, desktop, infrastructure, application, networks, and storage within complex IT environments.

Personal traits that have ensured success are:

  • A persuasive, passionate communicator who listens actively and facilitates dialogue.

  • Leadership style is one of sharing credit, gaining consensus, encouraging hard work and fun, and making tough decisions.

  • Characterized throughout career as adaptable, persevering, resourceful, reliable and trustworthy.

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